Mental Health Advocacy

Mental Health Advocacy allows individuals to educate members of city/state/federal leadership and legislation about the impact of different issues such as specific legislation or funding.

As a non-profit, we are not allowed to use state funds to lobby (tell someone to vote a specific way), but we can educate individuals about how people can be affected by legislation or funding issues.

We strive to give peers the tools they need to reach legislators/leaders in their communities, the state, and a federal level when necessary. Our goal is to give peers the confidence to advocate, not just on CAC matters, but for topics they are passionate about or affect them personally.

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Peer Leadership

Peer leadership encourages the development of new mental health leaders within the community.

The Peer Leadership Education for Empowerment program (formerly Leadership Academy), encourages the development of new leaders advocating for mental health causes. Our objective is to educate them on the history of the mental health peer movement in the state, nationally and even with some international connections

We discuss leadership definitions, effective organizations, motivation, and many other topics designed to build effective peer-run programs as well as grow a network of support for mental/behavioral health leaders.

Who are We trying to reach?

Peers who experience mental health diagnoses and would like to learn more about the mental health/behavioral health peer movement and increase their skills and knowledge.

What is our end goal?

To encourage peers to take on a leadership role within their organization, communities, and/or a larger scale. To help our peers build confidence and skills to more effectively  participate in community, organization, state policy councils, committees.

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Kansas Mental Health Advocacy Day

KCAC participates in Mental Health Advocacy Day at the capitol in Topeka and encourages our members, and supporters to participate as well!

We do this in connection with the Kansas Mental Health Coalition.