Dec 122011

Activity in the forum has been a little slow of late, but you have the opportunity to change that and help the CAC and others in the process. First if you haven’t already registered for the forum, do so and a password will be emailed to you. Login and give us your input.

I’ve created a new forum called Creative Ideas and threads for program ideas, fundraising ideas and grant sources. Do some brainstorming, then list your ideas in these threads or create a new one if you have an especially good idea. The hope is that as people build on these ideas and suggestions that some will emerge as viable concepts for funding and programming for the CAC, CROs and other organizations during these tough times. Get creative, get wild, have fun.

I’ve also started a thread in the General Mental Health forum where you can offer words of encouragement to the CAC board and staff. They are working extra hard during these trying times so sign in and encourage them.

 Come on let’s get the forums overflowing with creative ideasand positive energy.  Don’t wait for someone else sign in and give us your ideas, the more the better.