May 042012

SAMHSA is looking at breaking country into 10 regions. Our current region is: KS, MO, Iowa & NE.   The SAMHSA regional office is now in Kansas City The new Regional Director is Laura Howard.  She has a history of being  friendly to consumer interests.

While the overall SAMHSA budget request decreased for FY 2013 the bright spot is that it contained a 40 million dollar increase in Federal Mental Health Block Grants, which should mean, increased funding for Kansas.  The CAC has requested that state funding for the CAC and CRO’s be moved back under the Federal Block grants.  If approved, this should help to assure funding for consumer initiatives in the future.  For more on the SAMHSA budget see

In April SAMHSA released a request for proposals for 11 new statewide consumer  network grants. Since the CAC’s  current  grant expires this year, we are eligible and plan to submit a proposal  The CAC cannot extend the Trauma Informed Care initiative or use it to fund other current programs. We must come up with a completely new initiative.Proposals are due May 18.  For more on these grants go to:

SAMHSA releases Mental Health, United States 2010 report.  This SAMHSA publication provides a uniquely comprehensive set of information regarding behavioral health services delivery in the U.S. – including national-level statistical information on trends in both private and public sector behavioral health services, costs, and clients. Drawing on diverse data sources, this publication also includes state-level data and information on the mental health needs and services utilization of special populations such as children, military families, nursing home residents, and incarcerated individuals. Order a hardcopy or download a PDF copy here:

The Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 provides immediate counseling and help to people affected by the Midwest tornados.  The Helpline is a 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week resource that responds to people who need crisis counseling after experiencing a natural or man-made disaster or tragedy.

For mor SAMHSA news see their website: