Jul 102012

(I apologize for getting this on the website so late, but I out of town and just receive the email today)

In an email last week Gary Parker, CAC Executive Director made and urgent request to consumers for letters of support for the recovery conference.  The deadline for those letters has been extended until today.  The future of the recovery conference may depend on it, so please take a few moments and email Gary at garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg  (garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg)   today!  The letters will be shared with representatives of the state in a meeting on Thursday Morning.  Gary’s email follows:

Do you want a Recovery Conference?  The Kansas CAC does!  In fact, we have put it into our FY 2013 budget.  While we did not have funds from the state for a conference, we managed to obtain a small budget for FY 2013, and we plan on putting on a conference.HOWEVER — the state is questioning us using state funds to put on the Recovery Conference, thus putting it in jeopardy.DON’T LET THE STATE TAKE THE CONFERENCE AWAY AGAIN!!!!!! —  We need your help!  After finding that the state is questioning us today, and want to finalize a contract early next week, we are asking for your responses.

Will you please send the CAC (to garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg  (garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg)   ) an email (either in the email or as a word document), telling us AND THE STATE how important the Recovery Conference is to you, what it means to you, and why we should continue it.

In order to make a difference, I will be printing off all letters and presenting them to KDADS (former SRS) when the CAC Board President (Denise Baynham) and I meet with them (Kelly Potter and  Angela Hagen). The the more letters we have, the better influence all consumers in Kansas will have iin allowing the CAC to host a conference in June, 2013.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  In order to make this happen, I am asking for you to respond quickly.  We need responses by 7:00 pm, Monday, July 9, 2013.

Tuesday, July 10.

Please help us to pass on this information, and if this is important to you, please respond to garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg  (garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg)  .


Thanks everyone for your help!
Gary J. Parker, CPS
Executive Director
Kansas Consumer Advisory Council
     for Adult Mental Health, Inc.
Office:  358 N Main, Wichita, KS 67202 
Mail:     PO Box 485, Colby, KS 67701
Office:  316-978-5842;  Cell Phone: 785-432-0412
garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg  (garyJparkeratkansascacdotorg)