Oct 142012

Planning and preparations for this year and beyond are in full swing as board members and staff work behind the scenes to put together another exciting year.  Though budget restraints will necessitate some changes the upcoming program year will include a Recovery Conference; both Leadership Academies, Leadership for Empowerment and Leadership in Action in modified formats; at least two Trauma Informed Care Trainings at CROs; website and other communication enhancements, general mental health advocacy activities and the launch of a three year, “Get Healthy, Kansas!” Campaign underwritten by a SAMHSA Statewide Consumer Network Grant. Below are links to additional information on some of the various programs:

 2013 Recovery Conference – June 18 – 19, 2013, at the Best Western North Wichita (Park City)  - For more information see our 2013 Recovery Conference Page as well as the Recovery Conference FAQ in the forums.  Also in the 2013 Recovery Conference Forum you will find or share your own  ideas for raising money to attend the conference as well as let us know what you liked about previous conferences.

Leadership Academy links are as follows:  Leadership for Empowerment and Leadership in Action

Trauma Informed Care Page – watch the website for training dates and locations.

“Get Healthy, Kansas!” - For more information see our “Get Healthy, Kansas!”  Page as well as the “Get Healthy, Kansas!” FAQ in the forums. You can also use the Personal Commitments to Getting Healthy forum to make and track your personal goals and encourage others. Just register, log in and post!