Oct 132012

The CAC forums remain a heavily underutilized resource for communicating and supporting fellow consumers throughout the state.  It’s simple to join in the forum discussions.  Just register, sign in and start posting.  If you have any quuestions contact our webmaster, Mike Freed (mikefreedatcoxdotnet) for help.

In an effort to bolster forum use we have added a few new ones:

  • 2013 Recovery Conference Forum – Topics include: Recovery Conference FAQ,  Suggestions for raising Money to attend the Conference, and a place to share what you liked about past conferences. A great place to get and share ideas about the recovery conference.
  • “Get Healthy, Kansas! Forum” – A great place to get and share information on the campaign as well as general resources for getting and staying healthy. Don’t become a statistic and die 20 years before your time. Topics will soon include: Get Healthy Kansas FAQ and other health resources.  Please feel free to share your own.  Just start a new topic.
  • Personal Commitments to Getting Healthy Forum – Experts claim that one of the best things you can do to reach your goals is write them down and share them with others.  So start a topic write down your goals and keep us updated on your progress periodically.  It’s also a place for others to encourage you in your efforts.
  • Encouraging Words for Recovery – Add quotes that have helped you in your recovery as well as your own advice and tips.

If all of our 119 members would post at least once a week we would have a very active forum indeed.  So lets fire up the forums! Along those lines we could use some additional  forum moderators.  

Forum moderators oversee one or more forums, start topics of interest, answer questions, make sure the discussions remain positive, encourage participants, remove inappropriate and spam posts and keep the discussions moving.  If you would like to be a forum moderator please contact our webmaster, Mike Freed (mikefreedatcoxdotnet).

Hope to hear from you soon!