Apr 152012

As reported earlier, regrettably, due to lack of funds the their will be no Recovery Conference this year, but there are some bright spots too.

Recently the The Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health received $25,000 from SRS to help finish out the current fiscal year.  The funds were earmarked for two face-to-face board meetings in May and June,  Leadership In Action and the Leadership Academy.  More information should be available after the May board meeting set for May 4, 2012.

The budget request for Fiscal year 2012 has yet to pass the legislature, but chances for it’s passage look good. The request was included in the “Mega” Funding bill which stalled in the legislature due to a problem with K-12 funding for schools.  The bill was rolled into the agenda for the Omnibus session of the legislature.  Barring unforeseen circumstances the CAC’s budget request for $150,000 should be approved.  While the request represents a decrease in the funding from previous years, if passed,  it should be enough to provide for a scaled down recovery conference, Leadership in Action, Leadership Academy, and board and staff expenses for the coming fiscal year.  The CAC’s thanks go out to the many individuals and organizations that have supported this funding request, a special thanks goes to the members of the Kansas Mental Health Coalition who provided crucial support and guidance in this legislative process.

The Board is in the final stages of a three year Trauma Informed Care Initiative.  The training curriculum has been finished and presented at 4 pilot workshops throughout the state.  The challenge now will be to ensure continuation of the initiative beyond the initial grant funding which runs out in September.  Thanks go to SAMHSA their funding of the project and to Chris White and the Trauma Informed Care committee for all their hard work in making it a reality.

In April SAMHSA released a request for proposals for 11 new state wide network grants. Since the CAC’s  current  grant expires this year, we are eligible and plan to submit a proposal  The CAC cannot extend the Trauma Informed Care initiative or use it to fund other current programs. We must come up with a completely new initiative. Proposals are due May 18.