May 082014

The Board of Directors are elected from various Regions across the state (see map below) in a three year rotating cycle.  Other members are also elected to represent specific consumer populations.  Elections take place each year at the Recovery Conference.  Vacancies are filled by application, with Board of Directors’ approval.  The Leadership for Tomorrow Representative must be between the ages of 18-25.  Those representatives scheduled to be elected at the 2014 Kansas Recovery Conference are Region 1 and 2 Representatives,  the Urban CRO Representative and Clubhouse Model Representative. (Urban CRO’s include Project Independence, Caring Place, Journey to Recovery,  Morning Star, CROs Nest,  Sunshine, RAHN, Bridge to Freedom, LINK, and SIDE)(According to the Kansas Population Density Map these are considered Urban)

The Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health Board of Directors is a working board! It is difficult to estimate an exact time commitment, but it can be considerable. Attendance at Quarterly Board meetings is required. In addition Board members are expected and encouraged to serve on other committees, make and report contacts with consumers, make presentations at CRO’s and other consumer organizations attend and help with Recovery Conference including preparation and take down. As such it is important for Board members to have or be willing to obtain leadership and communication skills. To this end all board members are required to complete the Leadership for Empowerment Training Academy within one year of being elected. Most meetings are held on week days, so availability at these times is necessary! Board Members should be accessible by phone and email. If you can make these commitments and fall into one of the categories up for election, then we encourage you to download, complete and return an application below : (Applications must be recieved by June 4, 2014)

Kansas CAC Board of Directors Application Form

Board Member Region Map