Oct 132012

You may already know that  The Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health (CAC)  was awarded a three year  SAMHSA Statewide Consumer Network Grant to conduct a “Get Healthy. Kansas!” initiative among mental health consumers in the state.  The project focuses on encouraging those with mental illness to live healthier lifestyles and hopes to begin to reverse the trend of early death among those with severe mental illness.  Yes, on average mental health consumers die 20-25 years sooner than people in the general population.  (The program is just in it’s infancy, but will feature a variety of trainings and events. More details will be coming as plans develop.)

You, however, can start immediately to avoid becoming a part of this alarming statistic by setting some goals to begin living healthier!  It may be to stop smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more often, get more sleep, give up pop, give up alcohol, join a gym, get that overdue medical or dental checkup, or a hundred other things. You decide.  Then commit to it and write it down!

Better yet you can make your commitment public,  report your progress and receive encouragement by posting it in our “Personal Commitment to Getting Healthy Forum” . Just register, log-in start a new topic and post your goals and progress and don’t forget to encourage others as well.

 Start slow if you like, you can always add to it.  I am personally challenging every consumer in the state, especially all you CAC board members and staff to post at least on goal.  Do it anonymously if you like just use a pseudonym, but make a commitment and make it public.

We don’t need any more premature deaths! Lets “Get Healthy, Kansas!”