Nov 202011

The summer and fall months on the CAC have traditionally been a time to prepare and plan for the coming program year and this year has been no different, except that the council must figure out how to continue their work without the normal state funding. The Kansas CAC was notified in June that it would not receive any SRS funding for the coming fiscal year. While this will, no doubt, make the work more difficult, we should keep in mind the words of, Albert Einstein “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity;” the opportunity to rethink, to regroup, to grow, to form new alliances and partnerships and to strengthen old ones. In short the opportunity to emerge even stronger and better than before.

With this attitude and direction in mind the Staff and Board members continue their work discussing, planning and strategizing; coordinating with other agencies and organizations; seeking alternate funding sources; and representing consumers on the state and national levels. In addition they continue to move forward, with the initiatives begun last year, such as Trauma Informed Care and Certified Peer Counselor Training, now under the third year of a SAMHSA grant. It is too early to tell, what the state funding cut will mean for programs such as the Recovery Conference and Leadership Academy, but we hope to have a better idea by the first of the year.

The CAC and this website exist to serve, inform and involve mental health consumers across the state. So, share your concerns and more importantly your creative ideas with board members, staff or in our forum. We can’t always determine our circumstances, but we can control our attitude about them. So stay informed, stay involved and, by all means, stay positive.