May 012013
We recieved the following email and thought we would pass it on.
Your help is needed!
Please take a few minutes to take action. Your effort may make it possible for the Alternatives conference planning to begin. The annual Alternatives conference is the best place to learn about programs throughout the country that promote mental health recovery, wellness, self-determination, and peer support.
Sandra Goodwick, a first-time attendee of Alternatives in 2012, started a petition because she feels the conference changed her life. Just click on this link and add your support to the petition. And spread the word to others who may benefit from the Alternatives conference.
If you can spend 5 minutes, please email or call Secretary Sebelius. A sample format is below. Your efforts could make a difference.
Email: KathleendotSebeliusathhsdotgov  (KathleendotSebeliusathhsdotgov)  
or call: 202-205-5445
or write:
Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Health and Human Services
2000 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20201
Dear Secretary Sebelius,
I am writing to request that HHS approve the national Alternatives conference that is funded by SAMHSA.
I am (say something briefly about yourself if you wish).
Alternatives has helped me in my personal recovery by… (list some ways – increased knowledge/skills/connections with other consumer/survivors, hope, inspiration; or state how Alternatives has influenced your peer-run program).
I hope that you will do all within your power to see that funding for Alternatives 2013 is approved. Thank you.
Address and contact information (optional)
Cc: Dr. Pamela Hyde
pamdothydeatsamhsadothhsdotgov  (pamdothydeatsamhsadothhsdotgov)