Sep 142012

THe following update on the 2013 Recovery Conference come from Gary Parker, Executive Director for the Kansas CAC:

Greetings everyone!

If you have not done so, please mark your calendars for the 2013 Kansas Recovery Conference!  The conference will be held on June 18 – 19, 2013, at the Best Western North Wichita (Park City) hotel.  The theme for the conference is:

“Phoenix Rising; Triumphs Over Trials”

As we explained at the CRO outreach meeting, we have a very tight budget this year, and have made some very difficult decisions that none of us like, in order to make this conference work.

After trimming the budget as much as we can, the committee is pleased to announce that the registration fee for consumers will be $40 for Early Bird Registration, $50 for Late Registration (45 days before the conference), and $60 for Walk-In Registration.  There is a seperate fee for providers.  When registrations come out, we encourage everyone to register early to help save YOU money!

Although we are not providing lodging for people this year, we have negotiated a hotel fee of $59.99 plus tax with the Best Western per room.  This will be for 1 to 4 people per room (rollaway beds will not be permitted).  The entire hotel is blocked off for the night of June 18, 2013.  30 days before the conference, any unsold rooms will be released to the public, so make your reservations early (when the announcement time comes out with instructions on how to reserve rooms!).  There is also a LIMITED number of rooms blocked off for the night of June 17, for those who would like to travel down the night before (thus requiring you to pay for two nights lodging).

We know that this adds on to your expenses, so we want you to keep this in mind:

When reserving your room, you can share that room cost with others!  For example:

  • 1 person per room — room cost will be approximately $67.92 (tax included) for that person
  • 2 people per room — room cost will be approximately $33.96 per person
  • 3 people per room — room cost will be approximately $22.64 per person
  • 4 people per room — room cost will be approximately $16.98 per person

Depending on your rooms costs, the conference fee per person will range from $40 (for those who do not need lodging and register early) to $56.98 (with sharing a room with 4 people), to $107.92 (a person who has his/her own room and registers early).

Start visiting amongst others in your CROs and CMHCs, and start planning on ways to save money NOW for the conference!  Even though it will cost more this year, it is still is a great value and is definitely one of the cheapest state consumer conferences nationally (if not THE cheapest)!

For more details see our recovery conference page 

And the Recovery Conference Forum.