Jul 132012

Gary Parker announced today in an email that there will be a  2013 Recovery Conference!  The details from Gary’s email are below. And you can download save the date postcards and fliers using the links at the end of this article.

While we have a lot of details to work out, as our budget is approximately 65% less than what we have had for past conferences, we will be able to make this work at the Best Western.

It will be a two day conference (instead of three).  As mentioned in previous emails, registrations will have to go up, and the one night lodging will likely have to be paid for by individuals (however, you CAN put four people into a room, thus splitting the cost, and making it affordable for all.

The CAC will not be making a profit at all with the increases.  It will be a very tight budget, and we will try to keep your costs down as much as possible.

Start planning now, and think of creative ways for your CROs or individuals to save money for registration and lodging!  If you cannot think of ways, check with other CROs!  Also, I will be happy to brainstorm with people, as this will be an exciting time.

Download Save the date postcards and fliers/posters using the links below.  Print them out, put them up and Pass them out!  Lets get the word out!

Watch out Kansas!  The Recovery Conference is Back for 2013!

 2013 Recovery Conference – Save the Date Postcard PDF

2013 Recovery Conference – Save the Date One-Page Flier/Poster PDF

2013 Recovery Conference – Save the Date One-Page Flier/Poster – MS Word doc